Perfected light Limoncello Tiramisu.

My previous post included a recipe for full fat and a lighter version of Limoncello Tiramisu. I have adjusted the recipe a little to make it even lighter but tastes just as good. For those doing SW it is now down to six syns per portion and feels like a full fat dessert.

You will need to refer to the main recipe shown in the desserts section but use these specific quantity changes for a two person portion. I also made the mistake of listing icing sugar in the recipe which I have amended to caster sugar (with a tusk tusk from Maggie at this point).

  • 8 sponge fingers
  • 20ml Limincello mixed with 20ml water (decant from a larger quantity mix if you are making a full fat version as well).
  • 1 tbsp sweetener (granulated sugar) mixed with quark or no fat Fromage Frais.

The picture shows my two person portion in the smaller dish with a full fat version for everyone else.

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