Key Utensils and Pans

To cook the recipes included within this blog you do not need to buy anything new. I have purchased some gadgets as they make it physically easier for me to prepare food. Others just make it easier to cook in a way that is healthier.

Non-stick pans are ideal. Cooking with 1 calorie sprays can result in food sticking and burning. Using stock as well can help avoid this if using traditional pans.

A food processor is a real time saving implement. As a bit of a purist I enjoyed chopping and preparing food but hand and arm fatigue has started to get in the way. The menus shown in this blog will rely heavily on increased quantities of prepared vegetables and my food processor is now used almost daily. If time is a factor buying frozen prepared veg might be a useful addition to your shop.

I have recently purchased an electric juicer, a basic one is pretty cheap. citric juices play a key role in flavour enhancing. Grated carrots mixed with lime juice suddenly become a really tasty side dish.

However my favourite new gadget is my air fryer.


I will refer to this kitchen aid in more detail in some of the recipes. It is in reality a mix between an old fashioned chip pan and a fan assisted oven. A bonus is that it the main elements can be cleaned in a dishwasher.