A ‘Japanese ‘ Dessert

I haven’t posted for a while but this recipe has spurred me on.

It arises from a You Tube video that Facebook flung in my direction. I am including the video here for you but will also lay out the recipe as I did it first time and some additions I will include next time I make it.

My first attempt. Would go really nicely with a fruit coulis.

This is gluten free, low calorie and quick to make. Most essential tool is a sharp knife for slicing.

Ingredients :

  • 3 eggs
  • 1tbsp of sweetener or icing sugar
  • icing sugar to sprinkle
  • Spray oil

I cannot find a legitimate name for this but it seems to link to Japanese soufflé pancakes but more of a soufflé sandwich. For this reason I cannot be certain it is, in fact, Japanese.

Japanese Dessert

This will take you no more than half an hour to make. I cooked it on my pancake hot plate which is my smoothest and most effective non stick surface. The timings on the video are about right.

1. As the video shows whisk the egg whites to the thickest possible consistency. Don’t be scared and give up at soft peaks.

2. Add sugar or sweetener. 1tbsp of sweetener or icing sugar will suffice or you might want more if you have a sweet tooth.

3.Beat the egg yolks with a tsp. I will add a little vanilla essence next time when I make this.

4. Pour the egg yolk onto a hot plate or frying pan with a little squirt of fri-light or equivalent. Keep spreading it out keeping it to a even circle that is quite thin.

5. When the egg yolk is almost cooked start adding the egg white. Try and pile it as evenly as possible and smooth around the edges. I then covered it with a Pyrex dish. You can do the same or use a lid. Keep it covered until the surface of your egg white smooths. The time length on the video is about right.

6. Lift onto a board. With a very sharp knife cut it in half and then lift one side onto the other. I am going to make a double one next time so that it creates a full circle which will work well for guests.

7. Cut onto segments as shown in the video and sprinkle with icing sugar. If you regime allows a nice fruit coulis would go really well with this.

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