The BBC, the best source of interesting recipes.

Keep reading beyond my soap box moment for the recipe, blink and you might miss it.

When those of us in the U.K. bemoan our licence fee we often do not realise what we get for that £150. Before I get onto food I thought a reminder was needed of what we do get:

1. Nine national channels plus some funding to Channel 4

2. Local TV news and some programming

3. Ten national radio stations

4. Local radio stations

5. iplayer

6. radio player

7. BBC sounds

8. BBC New website

9. BBC Sports website

10. And so on, and so on

One of my favourite online tools is the BBC food database. I often add an eclectic group of ingredients to find a recipe and always find an option on the site.

Last year there was a plan to strip this resource of all but the most recent recipes. I am pleased to say the outcry saved it and as a result this recipe was still available.

I won’t type it up again as you can follow the link yourself. The only difference is that I made mine using a single large squash that we had grown in the garden (courtesy of a house warming gift from John and Ann Davie). This will need cooking for a longer time than several smaller ones.

We had this one as part of a Boxing Day table of food.

Pumpkin Biryani

Whilst this is a vegetarian recipe you can easily add some chicken, lamb or other meat products if you want as well as play around the the vegetables in the sliced mix.

You need to spoon down through the mix to get all the layers.

Have fun with this one, plenty of room for of a little personal twist.

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