Can you create a tasty pudding that is Parav?

A very good friend, who likes food that is healthy including low in sugar and is also Jewish asked me if I could create a pudding that could be eaten with a meat main course. This means the pudding needs to be dairy free.

This is an adaptation of a recipe already on my blog, for chocolate mousse. The resulting pudding is still very tasty and would also suite anyone who is vegan, gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant.

I will not repeat the full recipe as you can read this in the ‘Desserts’ section. All you need to do is replace the yoghurt for a product like Alpro Almond Sugar Free ‘Yoghurt’ and don’t add the quark.

The resulting mousse is very smooth. I am going to try it again when I can source either of the following products as an alternative to quark:

  • Soft Silken Tofu
  • Pea Cheese
  • Soya Cheese

These might give it a slight thicker texture but it is great without it.

For the topping I have used the almond yoghurt again and added vanilla flavour sugar free syrup. I used a fair bit of this and this worked well to cut through the very chocolaty mousse. You could equally use vanilla essence or vanilla seeds which produce a less sweet topping.

This mousse can also be considered as an alternative to custard in other desserts. Try adding fruit in the yoghurt, or maybe with vegetarian or kosher jelly making a layered pudding with it.

Maybe you could try something like a raspberry or mango coulis to layer onto of the vanilla topping or at the bottom of the glass as a nice surprise.

Adding the alpro yogurt to the unset jelly also makes a firm blancmange like dessert ingredient, once set. Again a good one when making a layered dessert.

A trifle, without the sponge, would also now be an option.

As such this recipe can be considered a good base for other desserts. If the mousse is too chocolaty for some use less of it and add more of the other ingredients.

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