Non-Alcoholic Pimms (with no syns)

This recipe was shared at my SW group this week as part of a taster session.

We knew the ingredients before all tasting it and all looked highly sceptical. It sounds both bizarre and unworkable.

As we tried it you could see each face going from a frown, to a look of surprise followed by an almost universal “That actually tastes rather good!”

Obviously from the choice of language there you can tell this is an English group rather than from any other corner of the globe.

The recipe is the simplest I have posted so far.


  • 1 large bottle of diet lemonade
  • 2 (wait for it) tbsp of balsamic vinegar
  • Ice
  • Fruit of your choice


  1. Mix the lemonade and vinegar and stir.
  2. Add ice and fruit of your choice.
  3. Drink (with a doubtful look on your face)
  4. Say, through more relaxed lips, “That is actually rather good!”

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