A vegetarian plate to fill you up.

There are some days when you fancy something that will fill you to your corners. It needs to be comforting, tasty and appealing to nose, eyes and tongue in equal measure.

Today was one such day.

Because food is my ultimate vice and a real passion my mind had already started to formulate options in my mind. For some reason a packet of quorn pieces seemed to keep popping into the thoughts as well as the need for something with a bit of fire.

Maggie had offered to cook today and nailed me down to state what my senses were demanding. Spaghetti or linguine would have been the normal starting point but on this occasion butternut squash thin ribbons took on this mantle. These were shop bought rather than prepared myself (the lazy/convenient option).

I asked for the following:

1. One onion (sliced) and one red chilli (sliced with seeds) soften in an heated pan sprayed with oil. A crushed clove of garlic and the quorn were also added at the beginning.

2. Cherry tomatoes, an orange pepper ( cut into small pieces) and a cooked red pepper from a jar (sliced) were then added and all was cooked until softened. The lid was put on the pan to to ensure the tomatoes ‘burst’.

3. The butternut squash ribbons were cooked separately in the microwave and then stirred into the mix. This was then served with a basil garnish.

It proved to be a very satisfying invention and exceedingly well cooked by Maggie.

This was then followed by with a pot of cherries and a Meuller Light yoghurt (orange and chocolate).

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