What to do with a baked potato which is interesting.

A baked potato is a great stomach filler but can be a tad dull, and this can seem hard to change when you are trying to be healthy. It is easy to change this however.

Tip 1. Keep back a bit of a meal you like like curries, Bolognese, stir fry and other loose mix meals. Obviously leave out the rice but once you have baked a potato and heated a left over portion you have an quick meal with a taste you know you like.

Tip 2. Mix no fat/low fat dairy products like quark, Fromage Frais and Yoghurt with herbs and spices you like. Throw in some chopped fresh vegetables like spring onions and you have another great option. Why not try adding some cooled lean cooked bacon or chopped chicken breast.

Tip 3. Mushrooms, spinach or other veg cooked with low fat spray oil or stock and seasoned /spices to your taste . Pile on top and if you fancy a risky choice add a poached egg on top.

This is probably a good time to go back through the meats, dairy and vegetable dishes you like and try some out as a potato topping. Left overs making yet another meal the next day. If it’s your thing chop up some cooked sausages or left over fish, scramble some eggs and mix together and maybe finish off with some naughty ketchup.

There are also good sites like these which, whilst you might need to adapt a recipe for your dietary regime, are a great starting point.


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