Low fat mince- the DIY way

I have often minced my own meat and even made my own sausages from time to time.

My childhood is filled with food memories including mincing meat, initially with a hand powered contraption.

Later this was superseded by my mother’s pride and joy, her Kenwood Chef.

Home made samosas were a favourite treat (before the days of ready made pastry) as were home made burgers.

I am now emulating her with my Kitchen Aid and even a low tech burger press.

I hadn’t really thought to put it to use during my weight loss process but have realised I have missed a trick.

I am preparing a meal for guests joining us tonight. Part of the meal will be samosas and the recipe used turkey mince.

I have made these before using shop bought mince and they were good.

Sadly yesterday turkey mince proved elusive and meat I had at home was frozen.

However fresh chicken breasts were available and I have always enjoyed chicken samosas and so gadget time arrived.

This also solves a problem I have had with supermarket bought mince often being in too large a quantity for the meals I am making.

I think mincing is going to come back into my weekly routine. I know what meat is going in, I can make the quantities I need and add onions, chillis and herbs whilst mincing. The result is a much smoother mix and a bit of fun making it.

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