Overnight Oats

This is a great breakfast, especially in summer.

The original recipe says to mix all the ingredients before eating but I prefer to keep mine in layers. It feels almost like a dessert when you do this and certainly feels like an indulgent breakfast.

The oats soften overnight taking in moisture from the yoghurt.


40g oats

175g no fat yoghurt (choose a flavour you like)

Soft fruit of your choice (frozen or fresh)


1. Place a few pieces of fruit at the bottom of the glass or pot.

2. Cover the fruit with yoghurt.

3. Cover the yoghurt with oats.

4. Repeat the process until all the oats and yoghurt have been layered with fruit. (I get three layers normally)

5. Finish off with fruit on top.

6. Cover and put in the fridge over night and enjoy in the morning.

7. You can mix before eating or keep the layers.

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