The best time to eat healthily – BBQ season has arrived.

As we enjoy the sudden arrival of a bit of early (and short lived) summer sun there will be plenty of BBQs, fire pits and pizza ovens being fired up around the country.

For anyone trying to lose weight or eat more healthily the opportunities increase significantly of eating without standing out from the crowd, especially if you are the host.

Tea for two two tonight, took no time at all to prepare although I did opt to cook the food inside.

It comprised of simple salad, Tandoori chicken kebabs, fish and pepper kebabs and chilli prawns with mushrooms.

The chicken is marinated in a mix of no fat Greek yoghurt and tandoori masala spice mix.

The fish kebabs had no dressing and the prawns were mixed with lemon juice, coriander and a few squirts of olive spray oil. They were added to the partially cooked mushrooms that were started in a pan with garlic oil spray.

The glass of wine is a well deserved treat to balance the very healthy and enjoyable meal.

Other options include replacing full fat mayonnaise with light mayonnaise, especially when making coleslaw or potato salad. Give quark a try, especially if your are making a cheesecake.

Make sure all your meat is as lean as is possible. If you have time make your own burgers using low fat mince and when something looks like it will be a little dull zing it up with citrus juices, spices and/or herbs.

Don’t ignore quorn it is a great and healthy alternative and vegetarian friends will appreciate any effort to include the, funky rather than as a side show. A fresh made veggie burger goes a long way and it that hard to make.

Of someone is coming who keeps kosher/halal and wants to eat what you offer then you are allowed disposable plates and cutlery for them and buy an instant BBQ to cook their food on (ideally with separate and new tongs). This would also apply to anyone who is a strict vegetarian or vegan. If you want to be included when eating healthily then don’t forget to include others.

Everything in a BBQ (apart from the bread) can be offered in a healthier way leaving a little room for a drink or two.

I am sure I will posting new recipes and ideas over the summer.

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