Sometimes it needs to be easy and comforting.

Food is more than a functional thing for most of us and the pleasure/comfort factor is the bit that makes it hard to manage our weight. Obviously the converse is true in that for some it is displeasure and discomfort that leads to eating disorders but I am not able to speak to this having not experienced this.

I have been eating more eggs since changing my eating habits and these often feature in easy and comfortable meals, especially a breakfast.

Fried eggs are possible using 1 calorie sprays and non-stick pans but turning them often results in a broken yolk. As a result, when making a breakfast, I often opt for poached eggs. Whilst these are fine there is a bit more involved and sometimes I want it quick and easy and nothing is easier than a fried egg.

Fortunately I was recently given a simple tip which I tried out today and it worked perfectly (thank you ‘littlehobbitme’- instagram nom de plume).

Now are you ready for the revelation?

The perfect, low fat fried egg (with intact yoke) is achieved through using a lidded non stick frying pan. I heated it up first with the oil already sprayed. This allowed the heat to build up. Yup, the bleeding obvious hiding right beyond the end of my nose.

I added two eggs, restored the lid and then left for a few minutes. As you can see in the picture the result was perfect fried eggs with not a broken yolk in site. It is obvious, and I should have thought of it myself but, hey ho, I didn’t.

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