A disaster, followed by sweet success.

Today is a tale of two desserts. The first, a tried and tested recipe, went belly up. I had planned to make egg custards and ended up with curdled eggs sitting on a bed of watery slop.


As Maggie and Reuben had shop-bought Mississippi Mud Pie for their pudding I decided I needed something to make up for the defunct egg custards. Having cooked a curry for tea (and the defunct egg custards) I also did not fancy any more cooking. My brain has oft hankered for a version of overnight oats making a tower with bananas, oats, yoghurt and sweetener (as seen on the SW website I think).

Obviously this was not going to fill the gap tonight but a quick bit of creative thinking resulted in what I have decided to call an Ice Creamless and Creamless Banana Split Sundae. Yup, trips off the tongue doesn’t it? However as well as being a verbal mouthful it also prooved to be delicious pudding.

I do not need to write a recipe for this and feel free to insert any fruit of your choice. A few raspberries would have made this look a little more defined and will probably part of my next version of this. I have sugar free syrups available which really were essential for this so avoid disappointment by getting some in first. I am reliably informed that TK Max have these in stock but I bought mine through Amazon.

I mixed the remains of a pot of No Fat Fromage Frais (about 200ml) with a good dollop of caramel sugar free syrup. I suspect Quark or Creme Fraiche.

Pour some Sugar Free Maple Syrup into the bottom of a large wine glass. Crush two small meringue nests and put one third onto the syrup and layer 1/4 of a banana, sliced, onto of the crushed meringue. Cover this all with a layer of the sweet Fromage Frais. Now add a further one third of the meringue and then a layer of slice banana, Fromage Frais, banana and then a final layer of Fromage Frais. Finish off with the remaining banana and pour Maple Syrup over the top.

Finally eat it all, scrapping every last bit from the glass. The only naughtiness in this is the two small meringue nests. For those doing SW this accounts to 2-3 syns per glass full. It feels like 20 or 30 syns.

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