A touch of booze.

As we all know alcohol is a tricky one to balance when managing your weight but it is not a complete non-starter.

There are lots of good reasons to limit your alcohol consumption but no one is saying give it up completely (unless of course you have an underlying health risk or do not drink for other personal reasons).

My particular drink of choice is a gin and tonic and I still enjoy one every now and then. Drinking less was an easy win for me in terms of losing weight but I am also not planning to give it up completely.

We all need some treats in amongst the good things to ensure we can maintain our efforts for either weight loss or general health balance.

Tips for a tipple:

1. Drink a smaller measure.

2. If using a mixer make it a slimline/no sugar version.

3. Intersperse your alcoholic drinks with alternatives such as sparkling water or diet drinks. On a night out you can still enjoy yourself, just spreading out the booze.

4. If you are drinking less treat yourself to a more expensive version of your favourite drink.

5. If, like me, you enjoy gin, try adding fruits and/or other extras like cardamon or lemon zest. It make it feel more special and you might find you drink it more slowly.

Tonight I am having a local, small batch gin. I have used a 35ml shot of gin with a small tin of good quality lite tonic. Raspberries and lemon zest have been added for flavour and colour. If you add enough you could even make it one of your five a day although that might feel a little more like a gin fruit salad.


With the smaller measure and quantity of tonic you will really appreciate the flavour and each sip.

Whatever your drink of choice you can still enjoy it, just have a little less than before and maybe not so frequently.

The added bonus with this approach is that when you see your doctor next you don’t have to fudge the answer to that question over “How many units do you drink each week?”

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