An alternative to flour.

I am not at coeliac and none of the family are coeliacs but I know a number of families where gluten is not welcome for at least one member of the family.

Gluten free food has a poor reputation although the options have improved over time.

As I mentioned in a previous post I am going to explore some Pesach (Passover) recipes because they do not use flour. The original aim was to reduce the impact of baked food but sadly, in the programme I am following, any flour or substitute causes you to take a hit. I am going to have a go with potato starch.

However the recipe I am going to try is also one that can be adjusted as far as possible for my needs.

I am going to attempt to make this cake, favoured with pistachio and strawberries. Cream will be replaced with 0% fat creme fraiche (not sold by many of the supermarkets in our area) and sugar with sweetener. I have to work on some conversions now but will post the recipe once I have made it and it works.

The recipe came with a friendly recommendation, thank you Abigail Levin. Let’s hope I can do it justice.

If anyone else has tried cooking with potato starch I would be interested in hearing how you got on.

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