A curve ball.

For all, part from former colleagues, this will seem like a strange recommendation and it is mainly useful to experienced cooks.

This book came as recommendation from one of the former governors of my last school. As the Jewish community gets ready to celebrate Pesach (Passover) they will move over to a menu that includes no flour and as always meat dishes will include no dairy. This means that recipes can easily be used/adapted for anyone trying eat a healthier diet or certainly for celiacs.

I haven’t tried any yet as it has only just arrived but I am going to try and make a version of the Pistachio and Strawberry Roll for my slimming group tasting this week. It is already gluten free but I will try and make the sponge like a roulade and include no flour at all. If I do have to include the potato potato starch as suggested I will allow for that.

Watch this space but in the meantime why not google Pesach recipes and see if you can find some of your own.

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