Yoghurt Ice Cream

This is one I am experimenting with at the moment. My first attempt used 0% fat natural yoghurt but the finished product froze quite hard even with stirring, I am advised it works best with 0% fat Greek yoghurt as it’s base.

Your final mix will depend entirely on your tastes and preferences. This base mix was suggested during a group meeting for my slimming programme.


500 ml 0% fat Greek Yoghurt

4 pots of flavoured 0% fat yoghurt.

For a treat include 4 mini meringue nests but leave these out for a regular mix.

(Brooklea from Aldi or Mueller Light yoghurt are good ones to use. If you use another brand check the sugar level carefully. You can also use natural yoghurt with your own added sweetener and frozen fruit or sugar free syrups).


1. Mix together the Greek yoghurt and your chosen favoured yoghurt pots. Stir thoroughly.

2. Pour the mix into a freezer friendly tub with a lid.

3. Put in the freezer.

4. Every half hour take from the freezer and stir with a fork until you have repeated this three times. You are doing this to mix in the partially frozen ice cream. If you have an ice cream maker then follow your normal process.

After the final mix you can add crushed meringue nests and/or sugar fee syrup for a treat.

5. Put back in the freezer and leave for another hour.

6. Of it is frozen enjoy, if not leave a little bit longer. If it freezes too hard leave it to defrost a little before eating.

One of my slimming friends has made this Eton Mess Ice Cream using the same technique.


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